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With a striking wave-like design, Grand Millennium Hotel is one of Pakistan’s most stunning and instantly recognizable structures. Escape and unwind with an array of leisure facilities including direct and unlimited access to the main areas of Lahore city, You’ll find everything you’re looking

for and much more at Grand Millennium Hotel in Pakistan Lahore. True Hospitality means making everyone feel welcome and cared for, recognized and respected, whoever and wherever they are in the world. Sit stay at Grand Millennium Hotel Lahore Pakistan.

24h Room Service

24h Room Service

We offer a 24/7 room service. Place your order even in the middle of the night, our staff will bring food or drinks to your room.

Delicious Dining

Delicious Dining

Continental, Vegetarian, Halal, Asian, American, and buffet breakfast options are available every morning at the Restaurant.

Events & Meetings

Events & Meetings

Our meeting spaces are ideal for remarkable meetings & events, where people exchange ideas & reach the business to the next level.

Wedding Hall

Wedding Hall

Our Grand Royal Hall is the perfect place for your wedding and celebrations. Our beautiful hall is the most attractive and suitable venue for your events.

Enjoy free Wi-Fi

Featuring free WiFi, we provide free WiFi access to our guests with a fast and reliable connection. 

Car Rental Service

We have a wide range of vehicles from luxury to classic cars, we have every type of car available to meet your needs.

Wedding Hall

With a variety of halls to choose for your wedding, we assure you, you will not be disappointed.


Best Rooms

Grand Millennium Hotel Lahore

There comes a period in everybody’s life when people are so strained out and need a time out from life’s distresses. At this time, they start thinking about how to get back on track. A flawless escape is the decision to live and unwind in a hotel. People pick out to go to hotels mostly for the reason that they need peace of mind so they take a day off from their hectic routine and Grand Millennium Hotel in Lahore is one of the best places to visit.

Staying at Grand Millennium Hotel is helpful as it proposes facilities that promise deluxe and a soothing experience. It doesn’t matter if you stay for the night or have a spare couple of days to make a stay, what is more, vital is the relaxation people desperately need.

Below are some of the reasons why you should book a room in the Grand Millennium Hotel, the Best Hotel in Lahore right now:

All-day Cleanliness

It is common thinking that hotels offer good service and that includes thorough cleanliness with everything. We have a housekeeping staff that keeps all the rooms immaculate all the time. Guests enjoy a great time without upsetting the unclean environment. Sighting a room that is clean all of the time can make you feel even more relaxed and comfortable.

Your Sweet Escape

We give people the perfect escape they are looking for in the form of our luxury suite. 

  • We have the best facilities in Lahore 
  • You get a deluxe room every time 
  • The prices are very moderate 
  • We give you a great experience 

If you want to enhance your experience, choose to stay in our Luxury Hotel in Lahore.

Good hotels like Grand Millennium Hotel helps people to avoid stress and trouble as it acts as the perfect sanctuary. When you choose to stay in our hotel, we let you escape from the repeating schedule of everyday life.

We Offer 24/7 Security And Service

You don’t have to worry about thieves because our hotel security is efficient, which ensures the safety of the guests around us. We also have a 24-hour room service. If you need room service in the middle of the night, you can. We also guarantee that if you are hungry and not in the mood to go out, you just place an order and our professional hotel staff will bring your food to your room.

Convenient Place

Sometimes, people like to travel but don’t want to go anywhere. We are located in a very ideal place in Lahore. We are close to important places like banks, restaurants, malls and much more. This is convenient because you have everything you need while staying at the hotel. You don’t have to go far to get away from work and stay away from home.

Great Facilities

Why are we popular? 

  • We offer you the fun and comfort you deserve. 
  • We have hot tubs, great toilets, flat-screen TVs, reliable internet, private washers, spacious bathrooms, hairdryers, and more. 
  • If you have caused a problem, you can call our home security and they will take care of all the mess for you. 
  • We also offer the best spa treatments and dining options. 
  • For fun, we have a choice of a movie library, gym.

We Are One Of The Best 4-Star Hotels In Lahore

When you stay at our 4-star hotel in Lahore, you don’t just have to go out for lunch or dinner. We offer a variety of food and dishes. We offer a complimentary breakfast as well as room service. If you want a great dining option, we offer it as well. We have buffets to serve our guests with a variety of different exotic dishes to enjoy. 

Our Professional Staff Will Make Your Bed At Any Time Of The Day

If you are in Lahore for a meeting and I am in a hurry, obviously you will not have much time to make a bed. When you leave, our home care will make sure your room is cleaned and the bed is made. They also change the bedsheets and towels if necessary. When you return to your hotel room at the end of the day, you will feel fresh and light.

Cheapest Hotel In Lahore

When you plan to stay in a hotel, you want to choose the cheapest hotel in the area. Sometimes it is not a wise decision. When staying in a hotel, you need to be a little careful in choosing your options. Since we offer the best luxury experience at the cheapest rates our clientage is huge.

We Have A Fast Internet

At this age, we are so dependent on the internet that we can’t even imagine our lives without it. From online shopping to business reports, the internet is very important in our lives. For this reason, staying in our hotel would be the best option if you need to connect while enjoying the time alone. We provide a reliable internet connection for your needs. You don’t have to struggle with slow Wi-Fi speed now.

Grand Luxury Apartments In Lahore

We are also offering luxury apartments at very reasonable prices. All our professional and experienced staff do their best to make your stay comfortable. We take care of all your needs so that you can spend your time comfortably and enjoy it to the fullest.

We have a simple and easy way of booking. You can book a room online and if you have any questions you can call us and our support staff will answer all your questions.

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