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Grand Millennium Hotel is in the center of Lahore where you can access easily to the entire city including historical places, Zoo, Wahga border and many things.



Lahore Zoo had its beginnings in a small aviary donated by Lal Mahundra Ram in 1872 to the Lahore Municipal Corporation. Over time the animal collection increased and the zoo expanded. It later began to take interest in conservation, education and research in addition to providing recreational facilities to the public. By 2010, the zoo was home to about 1280 trees of 71 species and 1380 animals of 136 species including 996 birds of 82 species, 49 reptiles of 8 and 336 mammals of 45 species.


This Bazaar is spacious and has everything!! The fact that it is oldest and historical bazaar which lets you pass by and find every shop without being lost inside. Most brands operate in this Anarkali bazaar, but not every brand. However, what you will find will be very very satisfying and enough.

Wahga Border

Wagah or Wahga is a village and union council located in the Wahga Zone of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The town is famous for the Wagah border ceremony and also serves as a goods transit terminal and a railway station between Pakistan and India.


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